GreenWorks fostering collaboration and facilitate partnership among national, sub-national and local governments to address human right challenges because of damaging consequence of poor air quality and enhanced climate change due to short-lived climate pollutants. Our collaboration and association results in high level political, scientific, business and civil society engagements with results in the form of reports, studies, training , capacity building, programme and projects through research, campaigns, technical assistance.

We work with scientific forces, businesses, political and civic forces to reclaim and hold the rights to clean and safe air with actions and programme on reduction of short-loved climate pollutants. We have unique expertise in providing technical assistance on clean air policies, action plan, regulatory compliance, modelling, forecasting, data analytics, setting up air quality monitoring networks and inventory development. Our expertise are available for public, private and stakeholders from diverse background and affiliations. We are uniquely positioned to develop programmes with focus on developing proposals and executing projects managements aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)


The world leaders, businesses and policy makers are facing multiple challenges of managing economic development, demonstrating resource competitiveness in the context of pressing environmental and humanitarian challenges such as climate risks, linear economy, air pollution, hazardous chemical in the supply chain, loss of protected area and marine life. At GreenWorks, we look at problem through resource lens to provide an effective approach, services and solutions to target multiple impacts cost-effectively. We strongly advocate the philosophy of decoupling through strategies of resource efficiency, cleaner production, circular economy and sustainable resource management is key for disruptions of global economy.

GreenWorks acknowledge commitment made under Addis Ababa Action Agenda of inclusive and sustainable industrial development with focus on addressing major challenges such as, pollution & climate change, resource and energy efficiency along the value chain by supporting diverse base of stakeholders including start-up incubation programmes. Our expertise include consulting, training and research assistance in the area of alternative and clean energy systems, green and eco-industrial zone, organisational and institutional sustainability programmes. We target MSME, Eco-entrepreneurs, consumer organisation/consumer groups, business intermediaries, service providers, trade associations, NPOs, national, sub-national and local governments. Array of potential production and consumption sectors such as plastics, waste management, sustainable tourism, manufacturing, agriculture value chain, food system, building & constructions etc. would be supported through surveys, need assessment, awareness raising, training, reports, tools and manuals.


GreenWorks consistently try to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose. We follow and try to implement all the ISO standards related to environment, social accountability, circular economy and organizational health and safety with the partner organization and also provide consultations on these areas. We have speciality in providing support in ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility), ISO 14000 (Environmental Management), ISO 20121 (Sustainable Event), BS 8001:2017 (Circular Economy), and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. We work towards collective priorities that address the most pressing social and environmental issues we face today.

The United Nations Environment Assembly focuses on a new era of prosperity, peace, health and security with international efforts and standards. We believe in developing socially and environmentally conscious businesses along with high safety standards for the concerned people through improved reporting and monitoring. Our moto is to provide innovative solutions for social and environmental challenges through sustainable and responsible consumption.


GreenWorks consultancy as part of its development consultancy focuses and promotes the Paris Agreement. We partner and collaborate with national, international, bilateral, multilateral agencies to achieve the goals for Agenda 2030. We have helped Small Island Developing States and Least Developed Countries to develop their biennial reports along with providing trainings for capacity building and reporting to their local and national leaders and officials for their efforts in their years ahead. We have developed and implemented several projects to develop resilience and adaptive capacity of people through clean and sustainable technologies.

We recognized the need to strengthen the knowledge, technologies, practices and efforts of the peoples which includes civil society, the private sector, financial institutions, cities and other subnational authorities and national authorities. Our expertise in interdisciplinary sectors helps in providing sound and quality consultations to these authorities and organizations to push themselves towards climate action. We help them and will help them to achieve it by enhancing international cooperation on climate action through implementation of various mechanisms.